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Masters of Puppets started as a small birthday party close to the Austrian border in Hungary; seven years later, Masters of Puppets has grown to become an inclusive haven that transcends cultural divisions and allows dark experimental music culture to thrive. We are overwhelmed by the ongoing support from our international psychedelic family, you have helped us achieve so much and continuously motivate us to invest time and energy towards pushing boundaries and improving our festival. 



and with your help we will achieve it!

Our stages create unique environments like no other to celebrate experimental music from around the world. The core of the festival is built upon the love of fast, dark alternative genres by a group of psychedelic music enthusiasts. Over the course of seven years, our musical horizons have expanded to accommodate an eclectic mix of genres that compliment hi-tech and psycore, including breakcore, drum & bass, hardcore, techno and more. We believe that gathering together in celebration to forge connections, share stories and explore new ideas creates balance in the mind and soul. The amalgamation of music, architecture, performance, workshops and artwork helps us strive towards creating unforgettable universal experiences that unify psychedelic music fanatics from around the globe. 


Proceeds from ticket sales are invested back into the festival and other cultural and sociocultural projects.

Among the concepts that are in development and one of our main targets is the effort we are putting towards establishing a permanent base on separate land that will be independent of and located at another place than the festival.

The Base will be dedicated to creativity and encompass workshops to process wood, metal, textile and other resources in any creative way, including state of the art infrastructure such as laser- and cnc cutters.

Furthermore there will be a garage, a state of the art sound studio with recording room, a rehearsal room, seminar rooms, accomodation for weekend-classes, glasshouses and more.

The aim of The Base will be to provide space to educational workshops on social, cultural, sustainable agricultural, ethnobotanical and other topics, and to the passing on and interchange of different crafting skills at the one hand,

while at the other give room to seminars, supervisions, congresses, parties, vision quests, shamanic ceremonies, and various other types of events in transpersonal and educational fields.

The workshops and infrastructure within The Base will also be open for common use under supervision and for a small contributions towards the maintenance and further development of The Base.

We would like The Base to represent an opportunity for human minds to expand and explore creative freedom and them selfes throughout the year. Co-creation by community action will enable our vision to flourish while simultaneously restoring the mind/body balance and helping people reconnect with nature. 

Although independent of each other, the festival and innovative community within The Base have to be seen as two parts of a whole, supporting and completing each other.

They are representing the first step within our vision that is starting to exceed further and further and will continue to do so, stay tuned 😉


Currently, we are preparing some logistical site changes at Autocamp Na Kopci for an extraordinary and unforgettable start into the summer of 2020. Our team gives their best efforts and are optimistic to exceed your expectations as we enter into a brand new decade. More than 450 hours of psychedelic music, culture, arts and education are in the pipelines to make 2020 our most special edition to date. 


Our beautiful home deep within the heart of the Czech Republic’s countryside awaits you! We return in June to one of our favourite places on Earth to bring you the seventh edition of Masters of Puppets Open Air Festival!