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Masters of Puppets is a week-long alternative psychedelic music festival held in the picturesque Czech countryside each year. More than 160 hours of music, art, and performances on 3 stages, just a few hours from Prague and Vienna, await you!

Masters of Puppets transcends cultural divides and nurtures the growth of underground electronic and experimental music culture. Presented by an experienced team of music enthusiasts for music enthusiasts.

Our 2023 edition: Palaeo Vision defies expectations by introducing previously unseen features such as a new ground-breaking Rage Stage design, a 360° interdisciplinary art exhibition, a 60-hour Tekno showcase on the Kodama Stage, the brand new 'Tortuga Stage,' a revised gastronomy concept, and much more.

Metal sculptures created for Masters of Puppets Festival in the Czech Republic countryside
Rage Stage at night with live 3-D videomapping and pyrotechnic shows by Spektrum
Couple peacefully enjoying chai at the Rage Stage in Masters of Puppets festival, listening to hi-tech, psycore, experimental, highbpm music
Energetic crowd on the Rage Stage dancefloor at Masters of Puppets Festival on Autocamp Na Kopci in the Czech Republic. The powerful Lambda Labs QX-3 soundsystem delivers hi-tech, darkpsy, and psycore music to your ears
People sitting by the dancefloor at Masters of Puppets Festival, enjoying hi-tech, darkpsy and psycore by the Lambda Labs speakers.


We believe that gathering with international friends to listen to and celebrate incredible music on massive Lambda Lab QX3 sound systems, share stories, and explore new ideas promotes mental balance.

The wide variety of cultural attractions allows you to create your own itinerary and strive for one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experiences. We've been inspiring open-air-festival and electronic music fans around the world for the best part of a decade now!

Our market provides vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian homemade foods as well as handcrafted treasures like jewellery and clothing, while the Bau Art Gallery and Akademia space complete the composition with education and visionary art exposition. Come have some fun, explore your personal reality, and take in the surreal artscape that surrounds you.



In addition to our musical performances and market area, which features handmade jewelry, clothing, gifts, accessories, cosmetics, healthy foods, and natural remedies from international artisans, there is a vast range of cultural experiences to enjoy. These include a 360° international art exhibit, lectures, workshops, live sessions, and many other exciting offerings.

Art Gallery
Female artist paiting canvas at the Masters of Puppets visionary Bau art gallery
Visionary art psychedelic canvas being painted at the festival Art Gallery
Visionary art canvas with a dark forest and mushrooms displayed at Bau Art Gallery at Masters of Puppets Festival. The intricate details and surreal imagery create an otherworldly experience for the viewers



Following its successful debut at our 2022 edition, the 'Bau Art Gallery' will expand in 2023, extending throughout the festival area and featuring international art exhibits spanning various disciplines amidst the unique scenery. Attendees can engage in live painting sessions, connect with fellow artists, or simply unwind, taking in the atmosphere and enjoying their time.




Our Akademia Space – a place where you can expand your knowledge and skills while enjoying the beauty of the picturesque Czech countryside. Join us for workshops and lectures on diverse fields such as psychedelics, psychology, anthropology, sociology, politics, and arts. You can also attend yoga classes and other practical skill-enhancing workshops. As the sun sets, head over to the stages to be mesmerised and warmed by fire performers illuminating the night sky. Come broaden your horizons with us!

Guided meditation and breathing session lectured at the Akademia space at Masters of Puppets Festival promoting attendees well being and inner connection.
Yoga class and stretching session lectured at Masters of Puppets festival, promoting guests well-being
Food market


Food is a pleasurable part of everyday life, which is why we make sure to include an irresistible selection of vegan and flexitarian street food stalls at each festival edition to keep you fuelled for 7 days of dancing! Interested in providing food at Masters of Puppets 2023? Contact

Vegetarian hand-made pizza shop on the Rage Stage arena
wo festival workers cooking Falafel and pita-shawarma with love at the festival
Festival-goers at Masters of Puppets enjoying healthy vegetarian snacks from a food vendor on the Rage Stage arena


At our Artisan Alley, you'll find an assortment of one-of-a-kind, handcrafted creations that truly embody the essence of bespoke craftsmanship. Each piece has been created with utmost care and devotion by talented artisans, and you can purchase them directly from the creator. Masters of Puppets is the perfect destination for those looking to gear up for the upcoming summer festival season in Europe. From handmade macramé crystal necklaces to fluorescent leggings that light up the night, we offer a wide variety of bespoke festival wear that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Mostra di ritratti
Hand-crafted jewelry, rings, necklaces, wristbands, armbands made of steel, macrame, and stones, quartz, opals
Handmade golden and silver necklaces with minerals, precious stones sold at the festival's Artisan Alley
Artisan Alley market at night with UV lights, bright colours and handmade decorations


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